Friday, December 15, 2006

2006: Year in Review

A Swiss friend wrote an e-mail to me last week, saying that because she hasn't
heard from me for a while, she assumes I haven't been doing much travelling. I have managed to add a few new countries to my list this year. At the beginning of the year I hitch-hiked across the Sahara, which is just about the stupidest way to spend a month's holiday. Afterwards I recuperated in Colombia, which is just about the best way to spend a month's holiday. I got tear-gassed in Ecuador, en route to

Compared with that the rest of the year has been rather mundane. Since May I've been working again in Frankfurt as an IT consultant. It's pretty dreary stuff,
wearing a suit everyday, working on mind-numbingly dull projects for
statisticians and economists. Not to say that all statisticians and economists
are mind-numbingly dull - one of the two good things about the job is I get to
work with interesting people from all over Europe. (The other good thing is they pay me on a regular basis).

A couple of brief and belated updates will follow soon.

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