Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Buenos Aires, Argentina

A friend of mine noted that Buenos Aires is often called the Paris of South America. He then added that this was an injustice - Paris doesn't have the Tango. I have to add to that. Unlike Paris, Buenos Aires is full of people who are warm to foreigners and who spontaneously help me to learn more Spanish. It also has an unbeatable nightlife. I complained to my Spanish teacher here that I needed to spend the afternoon sleeping. She looked a little shocked then told me, "Steve, in Buenos Aires there is no time for sleeping."

Leaving the Buenos Aires airport I momentarily felt I was back in Europe. The people and the streets both look European. It is a beautiful, big, and interesting city. Once one of the richest places on the planet, the wealth of former days is still plainly visible in the heart of the Buenos Airies.

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